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If you would like us to pray for any need that you or anyone you know may have, please write in the ‘Request for Prayer’ section and send it to us by clicking the ‘Request’ button.

When you have received answer to your prayer request please do inform us for thanksgiving prayer by writing in the ‘Answered Prayer’ section and clicking the ‘Inform’ button.

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The Worship Sub-committee has been working along with the Presbyter to make the worship services as much a blessing as possible for those who attend. This committee looks into the organizing of ushers, readers of the Scripture portions and Intercession and those who would carry the Oblations to the Altar Table.

This committee, along with a planning team, worked together and started the Contemporary Worship Service at 11 a.m. on Sundays. In the past the church conducted the Alpha Course and this too was organized by this committee with the help of other members.