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If you would like us to pray for any need that you or anyone you know may have, please write in the ‘Request for Prayer’ section and send it to us by clicking the ‘Request’ button.

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Women's Fellowship

We as the Women’s Fellowship are part of St. Mary’s (C.N.I) Church, Pune. We meet every Saturday @ 4:30 p.m. in the side vestry of our Church. Praise & worship and Bible study are a part of the regular activity of our women’s fellowship. Apart from this our other activities include -

  • Visiting the sick at their homes or hospital.
  • Visiting the in-mates of Eventide Home at Christmas and Easter time. We give them gifts and also have lunch with them. Revd. Sumesh Jacob conducts Holy Communion service for them.

Students Sponsorship: Women's Fellowship sponsors needy and worthy students so that their

  • Monetary condition does not hamper their studies. Every year we sponsor at least 10 students.
  • Every year a Jumble sale is held. The proceeds of which are utilized for a just cause. Half the proceeds are handed over to the church.
  • We had organized the World Day of Prayer in our church on 2nd March 2012. The theme was “Let justice prevail”. We invited different churches from Pune, with Oldham Methodist Church, St. Paul’s Church, Hindustani Covenant Church, St. Peter Marthoma Church, Kirkee Methodist Church joining us for this service. Around 150 people attended this service. It was our pleasure to host this worldwide prayer event.

We plan to continue with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm so that we grow quantitatively and qualitatively.

We thank the Lord Almighty for His blessings upon us.