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If you would like us to pray for any need that you or anyone you know may have, please write in the ‘Request for Prayer’ section and send it to us by clicking the ‘Request’ button.

When you have received answer to your prayer request please do inform us for thanksgiving prayer by writing in the ‘Answered Prayer’ section and clicking the ‘Inform’ button.

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The Churchman - A monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter of St. Mary’s Church, Camp, Pune is called ‘The Churchman’. Each month’s issue of the newsletter is brought out on the first Sunday of that month and is meant for private circulation among those who come to worship at the church. The newsletter is also circulated by email to those who wish to have a soft-copy of the same and those members and others who have been associated with the church in the past but have relocated to another place and desire to be updated with the events at the church.

The newsletter contains a monthly address of the Presbyter-in-charge to the readers, news of recent past baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths, etc. of members and any upcoming events. If there are any appeals to be made they are mentioned along with schedules of worship services and special days of the church calendar for the month. But most importantly there are articles contributed by the readers which are spiritual in nature to help in Christian nurture. Also there is a touch of humour with jokes and anecdotes thrown in. The editor of the church newsletter is Mrs. Denise Chakranarayan who works along with the Presbyter and other members to bring out each issue regularly.