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The Stewardship Sub-committee has been working very hard to encourage members to participate more in the life of the church. It has successfully conducted a Stewardship Campaign, gathering and updating information regarding family details, addresses, phone numbers etc., of Church members.

This valuable data collected, has been put together for the publication of an updated Members Directory.  In the campaign, members were encouraged to list their areas of interest in various church activities, such as the choir, Bible studies, interest-group fellowships, etc. and these were forwarded to the various coordinators of the fellowships and groups for them to follow-up and get them involved.

This committee has also been helping the Presbyter in sending birthday and wedding anniversary greetings to the members of the church. Also in the recent past  this committee,  in association with a professional career counseling organization, conducted a career counseling program for the young people of the church, who have just finished their schooling. It is planned to be an annual feature of the church for the Youth Fellowship members.

In the future this committee is planning seminars on Parenting, to help members who are parents of children of all age-groups, to be better in their nurturing in a Christian atmosphere. Apart from this there are other plans to make the interaction of the clergy better with the congregation.