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St. Mary's Church Nursery School

About: The St. Mary’s Church Nursery School was started 26 years ago by the church to help provide quality education to the youngest age group of children living in the city and around the church. The School is situated in the premises of the church.

St. Mary’s Church Nursery School

School Office Timings
The School Office timings are from 9 am. to 12 noon.

Grades & Ages
Playgroup – 1 ½ - 2 years 5 months

Nursery – 2 ½ - 3 years 5 months

Lower KG – 3 ½ to 4 years 5 months

Upper KG – 4 ½ - 5 years 5 months

For each academic year the admissions start  from the 2nd week of January of that year.

Headmistress & School Office in-charge
Headmistress – Mrs. Lynda O'Conner
Office Administrator – Mrs. Sunita Chakranarayan

Contact Details
St. Mary's Church Nursery School
St. Mary’s Church (CNI)
1-A, Sholapur Road
Pune – 411 001
Telephone   020 – 26360299

History: St. Mary's Church Nursery School since its inception n 1985 has grown in leaps and bounds inculcating the spirit of wholesome education from an early age. The school starts embedding - good qualities and education in a child at an early age thus making make him a useful citizen. The School under the able leadership of Mrs Dheera Das, one of the previous Headmistresses, was largely responsible for bringing the school from a small playgroup to a full fledged nursery with 130 students this year. This endevour has been commendably supported by sincere and hardworking teachers and staff. With the expansion came about the need to add different units to the once small playgroup. Now the classes are divided into PLAYGROUP, NURSERY, LOWER KG, UPPER KG based on the various age groups.

"A Healthy Body makes a Healthy mind". To bring about a child’s overall development, a lot of outdoor and indoor activities are carried out. These range from various competitions viz: Handwriting competition, Spelling Olympiad, Art competition, to lighter activities like excursions and Magic show. A Country is made up by the people who live in it. To make children aware of various privileges they enjoy and to share these with those who don’t have them, we at St. Mary’s Church Nursery School make sure the students have many joint activities with the children of St. Johns Home. The highlight of these activities are the various skits, games and other events. The children freely mingle with each other thus enabling a feeling of bonding.

The School has 3 major events every year. The PRIZE DISTRIBUTTION AND CULTURAL SHOW in September, CHRISTMAS PARTY AND NATIVTY PLAY in December and P.T DISPLAY in February. These programmes enable the parents to actively participate and get involved in their child's overall Development.. Pune is known as the Oxford of the East. There are many well known schools and colleges in and around the city. St. Mary's Nursery school is proud to state that after completing the pre school training here all our students get admissions and are well received in well known schools of the city . There are many plans for the further expansion of the School to make it a premier institution in the city. With the support of the Church and the unceasing prayers of its members, we are sure we will reach there sooner than planned. Till then we at St. Mary's Nursery School take pride in the smiles and gratitude of the students and their parents and look forward to great times ahead.

Monthly Newsletter
Pipe Organ Restoration

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Youth Fellowship trek to Torna Fort

Recently we have had two trekking to PUNE’s nearby forts ‘Torna’ and ‘Tikona’

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Sunday School Picnic to Sanskruti Resort

We have a lot of activities planned for the children throughout the year

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Church Choir Participated in a Choir Competition

Our Church choir participated in an Inter-Church Choir Competition, organized by St. Anne's Parish

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Women's Fellowship hosted the World Day of Prayer

We had arranged World Day of Prayer in our church on 2nd march 2012. Its theme was “Let justice prevail”

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Senior Citizens had a great time at the picnic

The annual picnic is another wonderful event organised by the Church for the elderly.

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