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Acts Group Fellowship

The Young Adults' Fellowship is a vibrant group of young and 'young at heart' members of the church who meet twice a month for Praise and Worship & Bible Study.Currently the group has taken up a systematic study of the book of Revelations under the guidance of Rev.(Dr.) Kenseelan Azariah

The group is also actively involved in church activities like church choir , the Nine Lessons & Carol Service , Christmas carol rounds and helping out for Church dinners.Every year the fellowship also organizes a Church retreat at YMCA Retreat centre - Nelshi where vital biblical topics and their application to day to day living are discussed in the beauty of the great outdoors.

The YAF has been blessed from time to time by various speakers who have addressed various issues for the Fellowship. Prominent amongst them were Rev Raju Bhagwat, Rev Jacob Thomas and recently Group Cmdr Don Lazarus who was ably assisted by his wife, Anita. All members of the church who wish to serve the church are welcome to this fellowship.


Acts Fellowship meets every second saturday in the Chuch Nursery School at 7:30pm for some activities and the Word of God. It ends up with a fellowship potluck dinner.